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Fractal Themes at Every Level

I have written an article on my experiences teaching chaos and fractals, Fractal Themes at Every Level, which has appearing in the book, Fractals, Computer Graphics, and Mathematics Education, edited by Michael Frame and Benoit Mandelbrot. This page contains a link to the article itself and several other links to documents referenced in the article.

The article itself

FSRP student papers referenced in the article

Some software I have written for my courses

I revise this software periodically, so check here once in a while for the latest versions.

  • Chaos - A Maple worksheet of common routines used in an undergraduate course on Chaos and Fractals.
  • Chaos85 - A program for the TI-85 calculator which computes orbits and does graphical analysis for use in a course on chaos and fractals..
  • Bifurcate85 - A tiny program for the TI-85 which draws the bifurcation (orbit) diagram for the quadratic family of maps (Qc(x)=x+c) for use in a course on chaos and fractals.
  • Links to Fractint and other software

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