Math 101: Mathematics Discovery

Training Workout #10 – due Tuesday, March 19, 2019
  • Solve the mapping puzzle handout I gave you in class. You can use one copy for your scratch work, and hand in just your final answer on the original handout with your name on top.
  • Be sure to know all of the Must-Know facts. We may have a surprise quiz at any time at the start of class.
  • Bring your Training Log up to date – log any hours you put in this semester.

Course Handouts and References

  • Course Syllabus
  • Answer Form – for handing in the answers to your homework assignments that have short answers or multiple choice.
  • Non-lecture Notes – Not a lot here, since it isn’t a lecture style course.  But some of what we do cover is listed here and updated throughout the semester.
  • MATHCOUNTS Playbook – Coach Monks’s Playbook used for coaching his Mathletes (also available in black and white for printing)
  • High School Playbook – the extension of the MATHCOUNTS Playbook to include more facts relevant to high school level competitions by Ken G. Monks and Maria Monks (also available in black and white for printing)
  • Left to Right Subtraction How to subtract the (left to) right way. (An excerpt from an book I’m writing for MATHCOUNTS students.)
  • Proofs – notes and handouts from my Math 299 course on mathematical proofs

References by other authors