Math 479: The Art of Problem Solving

Training Workout #10 – Tuesday, Sept 22, 2020
  • Work on USAMTS Round 1. Put a second draft in your Dropbox folder. For this draft:

    • Use the Overleaf Template – it is linked to in piazza and I sent it to you by email.
    • Answer one or more problems – try to answer at least one problem completely. But two would be even better.
  • Stay active on piazza Don’t post anything about USAMTS, but any other math topics are fine. Your piazza activity is a big part of your course grade.
  • Start reading Chapter 2.3 in Zeitz.

 Math 479 Online

  • Math 479 Online Classroom
  • Our home away from home (or at home, whatever the case may be). Click the link above to enter our Zoom classroom.
  • Zoom help – Zoom for Scranton students, how to install, how to use, documentation.
  • Piazza – a discussion forum specifically for our class where you can post questions, provide answers, and earn points!

Course Handouts and References

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