Math 479: The Art of Problem Solving

Training Workout #9 – Due Tuesday, Oct 04, 2022

Proof time!

  • Answer the Logical Prairie Dogs question that I put in your Dropbox folder. Write up your solutions in Overleaf and place them in Dropbox as usual (no need to share your Overleaf project with me). As usual, no calculator, googling, or other software is allowed.
  • Finish solving the Alice-Bob game we started in class – if you get a solution you can present it to the class on Tuesday. I also put a copy of that question in Dropbox.
  • Continue working on USAMTS. – we are getting close to the due date, so you should really try to write up and solve as many as you can. This is the equivalent of a ‘term paper’ project, or take-home exam, and will be counted as such.

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